Jade Stone


With this tool you can work only with the material you need without unnecessarily wasting adhesive Jade Stone is used in the just lashes technique since it is very clean and uses products such as Jade Stone that make its application and performance easier, as well as improve retention and avoid wastage of materials.

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Jade Stone is commonly used by lash artists for the manipulation of eyelash extensions adhesive, in this way it is better preserved. Sometimes the materials or tools evolve over time, but in this case we have tried to replace the stone with other tools such as rings, or crystals, however these have not given the retention results such as those that we can analyze with the Stone.  Certainly this stone has unbeatable properties since it stays cold for a longer time allowing the adhesive to be better preserved, likewise the space in the stone is enough for an application and to distribute the drops separately to avoid contamination of new adhesive with old one. it is important to always clean your tools before starting and at the end of each job.


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